how to cook fresh field peas

Yellow or white onions will work for this recipe. Be Blessed!!! Cover the pot and turn the heat down to medium. I added the sugar as recommended; but used turkey bacon as my meat. My husband makes fun of me when we go to Cracker Barrel. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Farmer’s Market Restaurant. This sounds superb, I've never heard of field peas before... Not something we seem to get in Europe, the cooking method sounds superb and is very similar to the way I cook puy lentils with a piece of cured pork in the cooking liquid. Boil for 2 minutes, then reduce heat. Bacon will work, bacon grease will work, salt pork and a few others will work. Give the peas a stir and continue to cook for 3 … Blanch them by adding them in a pot of boiling water, cover with a lid, and cook for 2 minutes. I’m running a bit behind in my posts as I’ve been on several road trips in the last few days. ★☆ Rinse the peas under running water in a colander and pick out any bad ones. Liquid should just barely cover the peas. Hi Deb, I just responded to your post on the Chicken Salad. Home » Uncategorized » How to Cook Field Peas- Tips and Tricks for Perfect Field Peas, July 25, 2015 Updated: August 13, 2020 By Katie Crenshaw 13 Comments. I suspect you may have had some Crowder Peas. Scoop off any foam that forms and discard it. Drain before cooking. The best way to cook frozen peas. And no matter how many fresh peas you put in, you still only need somewhere between 1-cup to 1 1/2 cups water to cook them tender. Discard it. Just before New Year’s Day, you’ll see shelves piled high with dry black eyed peas for pennies on the dollar. Hi Em, Thank you for your comment. I hope you’ll enjoy it. . Chop the meat pieces and add to the peas. Thanks for the how-to! Then, remove the pieces of meat from the pot but, leave the grease in. Here are the steps on how to freeze field peas: Oh man so many hot summer days shelling field peas! Add fresh water to cover them by 2 inches. Please let me know if you try the recipe. I do hope you’ll visit with us again real soon. Add water to the bowl and swish the peas around to remove sand and debris. Thank you for sharing your comments today. Learn how to cook great Classic fresh field peas | myrecipes | myrecipes . Chances are you will have to find them in the frozen food section of your grocer at the present time. Drain peas and place them in a large Dutch oven. There are quite a few different varieties of field peas so I hope you find what you’re looking for. Sounds much like the way they were prepared when I was a child. It’s the only way I have of knowing that you stopped by and I’d really appreciate your taking the time to share some of your thoughts with me. Maybe one of our readers might be able to offer some help as well. That is my home town from many years ago, and where I have memories of some of the BEST southern home cooking in the whole world, in my book! Still to this day there are a couple restaurants there that can make your toes curl! Just kidding.. There is  an art form in cooking our southern field peas. Here’s a quick and easy side dish that’s perfect for dinner through the week or…on Sunday. Using our improved method, you can have flavorful, creamy peas … I’ve never tried the Rosemary but will have to do that. If you add too much water, they will lack in flavor. Just saying. When the water runs clear, transfer peas to a large saucepan. I know they are related but purple hulls have such a different flavor and I can eat them any day of the week. Let them simmer until done. I found 1/2 t. pepper and 1/2 t. salt to be perfect. Please pass along a heartfelt Thanks for her business and a special THANK YOU for taking the time to write..God Bless Steve and BEST of luck in your venture!!! Why so many names? How to Cook Field Peas- Tips and Tricks for Perfect Field Peas. Only Yankees do that. Fresh peas … What’s your favorite variety?

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