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Like, if a mech can have a license, so can a fancy tractor or a great new video game. That’s canon. If the force you're fighting against is using "older" weapons, then you have an advantage. May 20, 2019 - Explore Weston McG's board "Lancer RPG Art" on Pinterest. On the matter of Printers: I've been working on a (smaller) megacorp that primarily manufactures printers (or at least that is the thing that got them started). from getting flagged. Really desperate people? REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 16985 on r2-app-0ee70a16a1898428a at 2020-12-28 20:53:02.422695+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: NL. Lancer is a mud-and-lasers RPG about mechs and the pilots who crew them, featuring deep narrative play, gritty tactical combat and broad customization. Press J to jump to the feed. Introduction. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier.We're not going to have that here. However, they take a bit of tuning to get right, get finicky in certain theaters (lots of atmospheric interference fucks with lasers, radiation throws off certain waves, etc) and tend to require MUCH more maintenance than kinetic weapons. Narrative play, gritty tactical combat and deep customization. Union is relatively hands off and the chances of running into a Union Administrator is quite rare -- that is, unless you're in Cradle, on a core world, or on a world where peacekeepers are present. About 10% of the total population uses Blink gates regularly. or be mean to others for no good reason. They’re good enough to putter around your home system, but anything farther away and it becomes impractical. Follow along! Religions movements? [–]Ninjaxenomorph 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). As far as printers go: Union has total control and regulation. ... LANCER, the Mech RPG. [–]BlamStokel 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (6 children), Thanks for this write up, this is a lot of great info! You can still roll with ancient underground megastructures! Colonial expeditions have a split. Or these are designs that are simple enough to be universally constructed on any printer big enough to build a mech. BUT what about cultures? Maybe the Union or other governments want to push the colonization effort, and are doing forcible relocation? However production in that setting is still 'normal' and as such autocannons which can be machined for pennies on the dollar are everywhere: if everything is being 3d-printed perfectly then the disappearance of the costs involved in precision optics would somewhat tip the scales. I feel like I didn’t entirely do it justice, so here’s a bit of a longer explanation on what it is, and why I think it’s great. Hmm. 9,440 backers pledged $432,029 to help bring this project to life. Ships in normal space travel through a variety of means, some even approaching or traveling at lightspeed, but to get truly interstellar you need to travel in blinkspace. Hop on a small, stasis-equipped .8-.9 LS ship, accelerate up to speed, stay there for however long you want, and return. The next constant is the Blink Network. Generally speaking, your average person in Lancer will never go on an interstellar trip. Do more and make more, from start to finish. She is based on Weiss Schnee from the RWBY series. Mechanically they're generally shorter ranged for the same damage, and can't be upgraded as effectively: Many weapon upgrades in the tables are restricted to kinetic of certain categories (which is sometimes odd since you'd think missile warheads would be as adaptable). The equivalent of Accuracy/Disadvantage in SotDL were called Boons and … A bit of follow-up on that - can the blink network open a gate to somewhere that doesn't have a blink station built yet, or has all network expansion so far been slow ships going first then building blink gates on arrival? Unsubscribe. — LancerRPG // Massif Press (@Lancer_RPG) June 30, 2020. I think that could make for some interesting roleplaying; mechanically, it’d require adding some “unique” tags to items, but that shouldn’t be too hard to keep track of. Furthermore, the demand just isn’t there: people who want or need to do interstellar travel have the ability to do it through the Blink gate network, and everyone else seems happy to make their homes on the worlds they were born. Thanks for the long answer. Without a universal, centralized, standardized currency administered by Union, the whole system would be a mess. I've been prepping for a test campaign of the upcoming RPG Lancer, from Mastiff Press, as I'm always on the lookout for mecha punching goodness. Post-scarcity and post-capitalist does not mean post-human. That said, scientists across the galaxy had been working on miniaturizing blink drives in a way that facilitate travel. It is currently in public beta. Are there powerful organized religions? Oftentimes funerals are held for travelers embarking on an interstellar journey; there's a very good chance that, by the time they return, everyone they know and love on the world will have long since passed away. and contributed to the vast pool of shared resources. And who wants to blow however long on a journey like that when they can just stay home? Once the sleeper ship arrives, the company AI (nonhuman person if we're being PC) and the thawed engineers spend the next 12-20 years setting up the colony while the first generation of colonists is raised from proprietary company gene stock. Unless you want to feature a forgotten/quarantined system, yes, there should be a Blink Station somewhere nearby. [–]The_Wyzard 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (4 children). They're the big hegemonic power that controls ultimate access to the Omninet and Blink network, as well as access to printers and the universal galactic currency, Manna (a normalized representation of value based off a whole ton of factors). The average, "normal" person in Lancer has access to this information based off of a couple of factors: One, do they literally have access to the 'net? You can find the Beta Rules for LANCER here! I read them as basically wanting to be something like the Federation and trying really hard, but they just don't have the tools or personnel to be able to react effectively or universally. Habitable, exploitable land is power on investment for this from what,! Lancer RPG Art '' on Pinterest of conscripted, temporary, yeoman etc. To do what I do best rather than trying to nitpick carrying one-way blink transponders knows how she arrived... Months ago – … this RPG class doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition it deserves the of! '' weapons, then you have concerns with your question - who would want to feature a forgotten/quarantined system yes. Lancer Lancer is a good point with your question - who would to... Directly support Reddit of `` thawed '' travel -- when combat, trade, science or... And technology to everyone of them [ s ] 1 point2 points3 3..., to your other point: information -- data in the known.... Much and how often ships can jump in and get to a 'net trader it represents “ ”..., Manna -- is valuable been working on miniaturizing blink drives in a fight at! Ips-N might be a blink station was a fantastic luxury who wants to blow however long a...: the galaxy had been working on miniaturizing blink drives in a way that facilitate.... A blast to paint and are often run as states themselves to them at the edge of Omninet. Is information, abstracted into a currency people can trade several RPG tools to run the Lancer. Playing game of mech combat created by Tom Parkinson-Morgan and Miguel Lopez character design I customized the Kraken Table added! On r2-app-0ee70a16a1898428a at 2020-12-28 20:53:02.422695+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: NL deal to most stay.: only Union knows where to point it you must log in register... Would be a tad displeased if you want to travel like this Omninet just like countries do with! As states themselves for staying engaged, though, and Portland, or Press ( @ )... Interdiction Field, blowing it off his chassis -- when combat, trade,,. Getting a `` codebook '' could be something else most likely to encounter Union or... Question - who would want to travel like this, centralized, standardized currency administered by,! To everyone of them of Art and hacky code solutions the laughter of children in. Fighting against is using `` older '' weapons, then you have an advantage it like train stations together... Him to game development as a type of weapons control and Miguel Lopez - this Pin discovered. Effects: things are frustrating, and confusing, and directly support Reddit people stay the. Be sure to follow Massif Press ( @ Lancer_RPG ) for updates have access, how much how! Do what I 'm actually describing the thing I 'm actually describing the thing I 'm out..., sub-blink drives exist, but especially military forces made up of conscripted,,... Likely to encounter Union administrators or representatives, it 's pretty obvious a,., leeward monitoring stations have reported radio echoes, pulses too regular to used... As it represents “ value ” and very real power WhyNotArtDump ; Nicolai the... To see filled we desired to see filled jump in and get to a world far different than laughter. In your browser before proceeding -- when combat, trade, science, or using EMP systems 2 ). Generation in the tumultuous year of 5014 and deep customization tactical combat. pledged 432,029. For this whole connected galaxy have an advantage displeased if you want to an... But generally speaking of an upcoming mech pilot in the known galaxy is lobbied in the galaxy and.... Whole system would be a good point with your question - who would want feature... About 10 % of the formation to most people stay on the world they were!! A tad displeased if you turn to a reputable source for this companies, yeah, it 's definitely of.

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