I was somewhat active until I was 30-years old. From 17 to 28, I went to the gym on a semi-regular basis. But, my diet was terrible.

Seriously, if I told you what I used to eat, and how much of it, you’d probably start screaming and would run away from your computer – very quickly.

In any event, luckily, being younger, I never got to the point that I was overweight.

That all changed in my 30′s. I got married, stopped going to the gym, stopped playing sports, moving around on the weekends, etc. Pretty much, I was a couch potato. That said, with my terrible diet, lack of exercise, and getting older, I gained more than a few pounds every year until I was 40-years old. By then, I was a whopping 242 pounds (at 5′ 10′).

In 2003, between my 40th and 41st birthday, I started a “boot camp” exercise program. After 19 weeks with the boot camp, I lost 70 pounds. But, I also starved myself to some extent as well. Because of that stupid move, once I was done with the boot camp program, I started eating poorly again, and gained back 60 of the 70 pounds that I lost (within a year). There was just no way that I could starve myself and/or workout 90 minutes a day, seven days a week, for the rest of my life.

After a couple of years of trying to get back into it, and failing to sustain anything, I joined Weight Watchers (when I was 43 1/2) in June of 2006. For the first time in my life, I learned about making smart food choices, exercising portion control, and tracking my food intake. Within 7 months, I lost the 60 pounds that I gained back plus another 5 pounds to boot. This put me 75 pounds lighter than I was when I allowed myself to balloon up to 242 pounds.

I reached my goal weight through Weight Watchers in January 2007 and I have maintained my “lifetime status” since that time.

Having now learned how to eat properly, and keep off the weight, I want to improve on what I’m doing – exercising more and making even better (or more natural) food choices. After all, there’s always room for improvement.

In October of 2010, I joined a gym and began that effort to exercise more. And, in March of 2011, at the age of 48, I began long-distance running – which I had never done, ever, before that time.

Through the years, many have told me that my health improvement journey is very inspiring and suggested that I should write a book, or something, about it. To that end, this blog – which I launched on January 8, 2011- is that “something.”

Better health has become one of the things that I am most passionate about these days. I think about it everyday, several times a day. And, with this blog, I aim to share some of those thoughts, and my experiences, with others – with the hope that it’s found to be useful, entertaining, and perhaps inspiring too.

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