Sweating To The Futures?

Saw this today on “The Slim Capsule” that was posted on WWLTV about three weeks ago -

Some local women say they are losing weight in an unusual way, by relaxing in a space-age looking pod. But what do the experts have to say about this machine, and is there science to back it up?

Shelley Pscenicka remembers weighing 175 pounds after leaving the hospital after giving birth.

“I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy. I was eating about 6,500 calories a day. I was eating about five full fast food meals a day,” said Pscenicka.

She allowed a friend to take a snapshot when she was up 40 pounds and pregnant, but hid from cameras as the additional 30 pounds came on. To get to her very slim frame today, she turned to a space-age looking pod called the Slim Capsule.

“I was doing it three, four times a week during the test phase and the pounds just started melting off because I would work out, get tired, want to go home and lay down and say, ‘No, I’m going to go and do the Slim Capsule instead,’ and I’d burn about 300 calories for each session,” said Pscenicka.

Pscenicka works for Plant Beach, the company that has the Slim Capsule. Jennifer Spizale works there too and says she is down 60 pounds toward her goal after using the Slim Capsule.

But how does she know that it’s the slim capsule and not the tweaking in her diet and the two days of exercise that are making the difference?

“Because I’ve done the diet and the exercise before. Joined a gym. I watched what I ate and everything and I did have the weight loss, but nothing as significant as this,” Spizale said.

The Slim Capsule is a dry heat sauna that can get up to 180 degrees. Your head stays out in the cool air with a fan blowing on it. The bed is contoured like your body and vibrates to give you a massage, and you can choose the scent of aroma therapy you want during the 30 minute session. A counter, makers claim, tells you how many calories you are burning. Cellulite creams are put on the body and you can either wear a plastic type sweat suit or one that’s made of a more transparent cloth.

Sybaritic in Bloomington, Minnesota, the company that markets the Slim Capsule, says it detoxifies, pulling toxins out of the body. They say it tones, firms and contours the body, and it burns calories while increasing metabolism and circulation. They say it is energizing both for the body and the mind, and that client testimonials are positive.

Does this work? Well, yes, you can, possibly, lose weight in the form of sweat (water and electrolytes). But, you are not burning fat stored inside your body. And, once you begin to hydrate again, the weight loss will reverse. Also, the danger of sweating off weight includes kidney damage. On the whole, it sounds like a stupid thing to do, if you ask me.

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