Well, That Was TERRIBLE

I went for a 5K today at 10 AM. Since I have been SUPER stressed (home stuff, unemployment, etc.) AND since I have been eating everything not (and) nailed down this week, I felt like I had to do SOMETHING. It was my first time running in 10 weeks.

My arm hurt – which was surprising because, two weeks ago, I thought I had really turned a corner with it and would be pain free from there out (although not as strong with it). But, I felt pain in the elbow when running. I guess I just can’t keep my arm bent for long?

Today’s running was a total failure. At the 1.07 mile mark (WTF!) I had to break it down. From there, I did the alternating walk/jog – and it was MOSTLY walk. My heart felt like it was going to explode and my lungs were BURNING. All told, it took me 37:32 to cover the 3.1 miles.

Wow. I am in shit shape.

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