How Did That Happen?

It was not a good week. I caved and got a (22 point) brownie on Friday night. Then I took the family out to eat on Saturday and I over did it with a burger and fries. I doubled that, going out with my mother on Monday and had another burger and fries. And, last night, I went out with my son and his friend and had another burger – although no fries. I also was too loose and easy with the snacks and tastes this week. So, I was prepared for a bad day on the scale today at my weekly WW meeting.

I got on the scale and it said 208.4 pounds, which was down 1.2 pounds from last week. And, it has be at a total of 11 pounds down in the last 4 weeks.

I felt like that lady on the IKEA commercial screaming “Start the car! Start the car!”

No idea how this happened? But, I will take it!

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