Weight Watchers – Take 4

I signed up for Weight Watchers today. I had to do it. Things are out of control. Good timing, by chance. It was four years ago today, to the very day, that I lost my Weight Watchers Lifetime status – after maintaining it for SEVEN years.

I was on WW from 6/21/06 until 1/11/14 – and was Lifetime from 1/31/07 until 1/11/14. I had dropped 65 pounds and kept it off for SEVEN YEARS. Then, I started this slide.

I went back to WW on 11/6/14, after a 10 month layoff. That lasted until 3/23/15. Only 5 months. Then, I went back on 12/9/15 (after an 8 month layoff). That lasted 6 months until I quit again on 6/16/16 (when I was laid off).

That was a year and seven months ago. And, now I am back again – a third attempt after losing it the first time.

They had me at 219.4 pounds. That was wearing jeans and an arm brace. But, it’s about right.

I used to think my perfect weight was 172 or 174 pounds. At this rate, I will do a dance if I can get to 185 pounds.

Thirty five pounds is a lot. It would be great if I could get it off over the next 13 weeks. That would be April 12th. I really need to try and make this work.

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