Beyond Rock Bottom

Well, I am now 55.   And, when I look back to where I was when I has 50, it’s beyond depressing.

When I was 50, I weighed 178 pounds and could run a 5K race in less than 25 minutes.  Today, I weigh 212 pounds – yes, two-twelve! – and I can’t run a mile without having to break it down to a walk.

30 pounds overweight now.  Ugh.

But, wait (no pun intended), there’s more!

The stress of my job is killing me.  I was out of work from July 2016 through April 2017.  That was brutal on so many levels.  In May and June 2017, I had a temp job and that made things easier.  But, it wasn’t an answer.  Finally, in July 2017, a year after I got laid off, I found a permanent job.  Well, at least that’s what I thought…

I am there 5 months now.  I doubt it will be much longer.  It’s so hostile there that it was actually more stressful being out of work.  Go figure!

What’s been going on since my last post?  Three days after that, my dad was rushed to the hospital with multiple organ failures.  We – and his doctors – thought he was going to die.  By some miracle, he pulled through it.  It was 2 weeks in the hospital followed by 3 weeks at a nursing facility.  He’s home now – and not out of the woods yet.  But, for the last month, I have been balancing support of my mother, the insane situation with my job, and my regular family life.  That means zero time for exercise and a lot of stress eating.

Lastly, now, I have injured myself.  It was the morning after Thanksgiving.  At this stage, everything points to torn bicep tendons and surgery.  I will know more this week.

I am really not sure how much more I can take?


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