Hello There

I went running after breakfast today.  It’s the first time running in 184 days.  Yes, it’s been SIX MONTHS!  And, I am 25 pounds overweight with the scale sitting on 208 pounds. So, how do you think it went?

I hit the wall at the 1.37 mile mark.  (Ugh!)  From there, I did the alternating walking and running thing – and it was a lot of walking.  All told, I did the 3.1 miles in 34:42.  (And, I really felt it!)

Frankly, I had no excuse.  Today was the first weekday (non-holiday) off from my slave-drive job since I started.  And, the weather is BEAUTIFUL this morning.  And, I felt OK and had no family obligations.  If I can get in a run on a day like today, I might as well burn my running stuff.

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