Remember me?  Well, it’s good news and bad news.

My back finally got better.  Took forever.  But, I don’t even think about it these days.  That’s good.  Even better, I got a permanent job.  I applied for a job on May 27th as a shot in the dark.  They called me on May 31st.  First came the phone interviews.  Then, I went in for an in-person interview on June 20th – one year to the day of when my layoff at the other job started!  Well, two days later, they made me an offer and I accepted.  Staying on the good news part:  It’s a great company, the pay is good, and it is a nice career move as it really expands my work experience.  Started the job on July 10th.  (Now there one month.)

Now, the bad news:  The job is SUPER busy.  There are days where I literally don’t have time to eat lunch or take a piss.  I sit at my desk or in meetings ALL DAY.  And, the only feasible way for me to get there is to take two trains each way – and it’s a TWO HOUR commute EACH WAY, everyday.

So, this is now my day:  Get up at 5:30 AM.  On the train platform at 6:45 AM.  At the office at 8:20 AM.  Leave work at 5:40 PM (and get looks for leaving when others are staying).  Back on the train.  Transfer to the other train.  Get home at 7:30 PM.  Eat dinner.  Spend an hour trying to figure out what’s going on with my family – who I barely see these days.  Then, start to pass out at 9 PM because I need to get out at 5:30 AM and am exhausted from the day.

It’s repeated, every day.  And, on Saturdays, I take about a half day each week to just try and recover from the week.

Exercise?  When???  I haven’t done anything in FOUR MONTHS.

You would think I would have lost weight with not having time to eat, being in the office, extra.  No dice.  I have been stuck at 204 pounds since I started there.  Probably because of all the sitting, etc.

I really don’t have an answer.  But, at least I can sleep at night because I know that I can pay bills now.

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