I went for a 5K run this morning after breakfast. It was warm (55 degrees) but cloudy.  (It started to rain on me as I was finishing.)

This was my first time out in 5 days.  I had family stuff over the weekend and I had job interviews to deal with on Monday and Tuesday.

I wasn’t really into it.  I am just too depressed and stressed over the job stuff.  It’s been more than 8 months since I was laid off and it now being a new month, and a new round of bills, is pushing me over the edge.

But, I went anyway.  At the onset, I got a cramp/pull in my right arch.  But, I powered through it.

Total time for the 3.1 miles was 28:57.  Blah.

I have now run 186 miles since Memorial Day.

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