Bad & Good

First, the bad news. I got on the scale after breakfast today. It read 198.2 pounds. That’s about what it’s been lately and it’s 21 pounds too many.

I did go for a 5K run after breakfast as well. First time out in nearly a week. But, we had a Nor’easter here the last two days and got pounded with wind and rain.

Today was much nicer: 40 and sunny when I was out there. I wanted to push myself hard to see how good I could do – and I did it. I really pushed and pushed and didn’t quit, no matter what. And, I covered the 3.1 miles in 28:48 – which is probably my best time since a couple of months ago.

But, it’s NO WHERE near where I was four years ago. Hard to be believe I got 4 minutes slow in 4 years. But, that’s a fact, jack.

I have now run 158.1 miles since Memorial Day.

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