I got on the scale this morning after breakfast and it read 197.4 pounds. To be candid, I was surprised it did not say 200. That’s what I was expecting – based on how I feel now.

I can’t even fit into my fat jeans now. They sit too low because of my stomach and love handles. That’s what happens when you are 20 pounds overweight.

Don’t even ask me what I would wear if I managed to get a job interview this week. I suspect I would have to go out and buy something. How sad is that?

Here’s the good news: The holidays are over. All the sweets are gone. All the big family meals are over. The kids are back in school. And, that stinging/burning pain that I had in the bottom of my right heel is just about completely gone (knock on wood).

I can get better. I can drink more water. I can get back to running (once the rain stops). I can cut down on the carbs.

First goal is 192. After that, it’s under 190. Then, it’s 184 and under 180. The ultimate goal is 177. But, I can’t think about that now. First, it’s drop five…and hopefully quick so that I can stop praying that my jeans will fall down in public.

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