WW Reminder

The last time I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in was June 16th. That was 160 days ago. 23 weeks is a long time. Basically, I have not been back to WW since I was laid off from my job.

At that time, I weighed 190.4 pounds – which is 3 pounds less than I do now. Talk about a reminder on how far I still have to go and that I really have not achieved anything yet!

It was 12/9/2015 when I went back to WW. At that time, I weighed 199 pounds which is very close to the 200.3 when I started to turn it around recently. The lowest I ever got my weight that go-round was 188.6 on May 5th. That’s five pounds less than I weigh now – and still 11 pounds more than I am aiming for these days.

Obviously, I am still fat.

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