I got on the scale this morning and it read 198.1 pounds.

I wish I could say this was insanity. But, I know why the number is that high. It’s all my fault. Bad food choices. No portion control. You name it…

And, I feel TERRIBLE.

Granted, I know this is all STRESS. It’s almost 4 months since I have been laid off and I have zero prospects now. That would be stress enough. Add on to it some other stuff going on at home. But, I need to deal with it better. And, I need to get this weight off…NOW.

First goal is to get to 195. After that, it’s less than 190. Then, less than 180. Once I am in the 170′s, the target is 174.

I can’t lose 24 pounds over night. And, I can’t lose it all in one shot. But, I should be able to lose 3 pounds. Then, lose 6 pounds. That would get me to 189 pounds. That’s still 15 pounds over weight. But, I can chip away at that, say, with 5 pound goals.

189, 184, 179 and 174. Baby steps.

In any event, the goal now is three pounds. How hard is that?

In 9 weeks, I will be 54 years old. And, I want to be back to 174 pounds by that birthday. That’s a lot – about 3 pounds a week. Maybe not doable? But, I want to try. I need this to happen.

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