Week 22 On The WW Return

Shocking. I thought this week was going to be like a 2-4 pound gain (based on the way I have been eating.) I was not sure because the battery in my home scale went dead.

But, at the meeting this week, they “only” had me as a gain of point-eight (0.8 pounds) and at 189.4 pounds, overall.

So, in the last 4 weeks, my results have been:

  • + 0.8 (gain)
  •    0.0 (no change)
  • - 0.4 (loss)
  • + 0.2 (gain)

That’s an overall gain of 0.6 pounds in 4 weeks. And, that’s just like 10 ounces. Talk about toe the line! That’s from April 15th through May 12th – one solid month.

That said, I still need to lose somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds to be near an ideal weight. Ten at a minimum and fifteen at the maximum. How about split the difference and make it 13?

I am going to try “better” this week and put up a number. There’s no reason why I cannot lose 2-4 pounds in a given week if I really “try.”

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