Week Seven On The WW Return

I had to switch from Wednesday to Thursday meetings.  New leader.  That was interesting.

I checked in at 192.4 pounds.  That’s down .2 pounds (for an overall loss of 6.6 pounds).  Basically, that’s standing still.  Which is amazing considering the last time I tracked was January 7th.

So, in the last 3 weeks, I have not tracked at all and have made bad food choices and made no concern towards portion and weight has stayed the same (192.2 versus 192.4).  Imagine if I made an effort and actually tracked?

I have to make a commitment to do it for the next week to see what happens.  I would do a dance to get back into the 180′s.  (Funny to say that now since I wanted to shoot myself when I left the 170′s and hit the low 180′s.)

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