The last 5 days have been terrible.

I have not given any thought when it comes to food choices or portion sizes. Basically, I have been stressed and depressed and taken it out with food. Chips, nuts, bread…you name it.

I jumped on the scale this morning at home and it read 192.7 pounds. To be honest, I was surprised that it didn’t read 195 pounds. That’s how bad I have been over the last five days.

Granted, in addition to the stress, etc., I have not felt well. I think I got myself rundown 9 days ago and I caught something that my body is trying to fight off. Literally, I could take two one-hour naps each day if my scheduled allowed it – since I am so tired all the time.

It’s also been a week since I last ran. It’s just been too damn cold out and grey (and damp) everyday. The real feel lately has been way below freezing. In fact, I haven’t been outside much in the last 3 or 4 days. That’s probably part of the problem. I swear that a lack of sunlight makes me feel like crap.

I also have problems now with my Weight Watcher meetings. I love going on Wednesday nights. But, now my son needs to be somewhere every Wednesday and my daughter needs to be somewhere else. So, my wife takes one and I take the other. This past week, I just ran in for the weigh-in and did not stay for the meeting. (I ran back home to take my son to his practice.) And, it’s going to be the same thing tomorrow. For sure, missing meetings hurts me. I need them to keep on track and keep my steam.

The only nights my place has meetings is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And, my son has a practice in another sport on Tuesdays. That leaves Thursday nights. I can’t do it this Thursday – need to take my wife to one of her appointments (where she cannot drive). Maybe I will try it next Thursday?

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