Week Four On The WW Return

By some miracle, I was down 2 pounds on the scale this week. And, now, I am at 192.2 pounds.

How this happened, I don’t know?

In the 7 days prior, I really went off the rails on several days. On New Year’s Day, I pigged out on Chinese Takeout. On January 2nd, I went out to the city and had a crazy lunch – including pecan pie. The next day, I got roped into going out for dinner – which I didn’t want to do – and had a burger and fries. Worse, I polished off a plate of brownies this week, pretty much by myself. And, I had some Tim Horton donuts on a few days. Maybe 3 or 4 donuts in total.

On the positive side, I ran on New Year’s Day and did A TON of walking on the 2nd and 3rd. (So much walking that my left knee really hurt – and it never hurts when I run.)

In any event, I will take the 192.2 at this point. That gets me back down to where I was on December 23rd (when the holiday stretch started.)

It’s been a rough 2 weeks with parties, plans and food out the wazoo. But, now, the kids are back in school, I am back to work, and the holidays/celebrations/parties are over. This is a great time to take that 192.2 and lock down, have a great week, and push that number into the 180′s and start working towards the 170′s.

I’m still 18 pounds over-eight. That’s a lot of fat. It’s not going to happen overnight. Hopefully, I can get there by the Spring. But, any progress is great. And, the key is not to slide backwards – which would be very easy to do.

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