Tough Guy, Smart (?) Guy

I went for a 5K run after breakfast today.  My right toe is still bad.  In fact, it hurt – stung! – when I just put  on my sneakers.  But, the tough guy in me took an Advil and went out there anyway.

I was really working on my breathing today.  More through the mouth.  Longer and deeper.  And, I think it helped.  At the least, I felt like I was laboring less out there.

I went 2.71 miles before breaking down to a walk.  And, that was a short one.  At 2.80 miles, I was running again.  Total time for the 3.1 miles was 29:08.

I now have 488.4 miles to go on my goal.  That seems like a lot while my toe is screaming.

The smart guy in me decided to look at something else.  My running shoes are old and the soles are worn.  Today, I decided to look more into the pattern.  It’s pretty clear that I have normal pronation in my left foot.  But, it appears that I have underpronation (or supination) in my right foot. (This would explain why I had that IT band issue years ago before I started wearing stability sneakers.) I have no idea if this has anything to do with my right big toe pain. But, in any event, today, I started wearing new – and less worn – running shoes to see if that helps.

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