Body Inferno

I was spitting up all sorts of brown stuff yesterday. So, I took the day off. This morning, it was still coming up – but it was clear. So, I went for a 5K run before breakfast at 8 AM.

It was cool outside thanks to a huge rain last night. And, it was cloudy. But, boy, was it humid! Like running in soup. (Big storm coming later today.)

I was hoping to get to 2.8 miles without breaking down today. But, it hit me at 2.61 miles. I walked until 2.8 and then ran again. My total time for the 3.1 miles was 29:08 – and it was hard. I almost puked when I was done. Well, actually, I did puke – but nothing came out but spit since the last time I ate was 8 PM last night.

When I got home, my body was radiating heat – like an inferno. I can’t remember the last time it felt that heated up.  I now have 494.6 miles to go on my goal.

Before the run, I got on the scale and it read 192.8 pounds.

That’s by no means a good number. It means I am 20 pounds over my probable ideal weight and 24 pounds over were I want to be by the end of the year. But, at the least, it’s down from the 196.7 pounds were it was 10 days ago. Any progress in the right direction is progress. And, if I can get it to under 190 by the end of next week, that would be something to feel better about – as, again, that’s heading in the right direction.

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