Back To Running

For the first time in 33 days, I went for a 5K run. While I am still waiting on some tests for my heart concerns, I decided that I needed to go for a run today. In fact, I got up early (for me) and went out at 7:30 AM, before breakfast, while the sun was just starting to come up (and it was not hot outside).

Of course, it was hard. I am 25 pounds overweight. And, I have not run in close to 5 weeks. Also, when I was last running, in July, I was not doing all that great. So, why wouldn’t today be hard?

At the 1.6 mile mark, I broke down into a walk. And, from there, I did the alternating walk/jog. In total, my time for the 3.1 miles was 31:10 – which means I have a lot to improve on, next time.

The good news is that my heart felt O.K. afterwards – not great, but, not terrible either. I think I had a slight flutter about 30 minutes after the run, if that? (It’s hard for me now – as I don’t know if I am having them or if it’s in my head these days.)

I now have 513.2 miles to go on my goal. And, I know it’s a goal that’s going to be hard to reach since I missed a month. But, I am taking it one day at a time now and not worrying about where I will be 9 months from now.

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