Going Back To Weight Watchers

Before I got on the scale today, I already decided that I was going back to Weight Watchers. (Pretty sure March 4th was the last time I weighed in there.)

We were in Disney last week. Before we left, my son was teasing me with “When was the last time you actually did ONE sit-up?” And, while there, my wife cracked this joke to the kids: “Don’t be afraid of the ride. If you get scared, just grab on to daddy’s handles – they’re big enough for all of us.” Those stung. Combing that with the fact that I had to squeeze into my “big shorts” everyday there was enough to push me back to Weight Watchers. (I know, if done properly, the program works.) That’s motivation that I have been missing lately.

Or course, when at Disney, I over-ate, everyday and every meal. I probably had 3 times as many calories as I needed each day, at a minimum.

This morning, I jumped on the scale and it read 196.7 pounds. I expected it to be high – but, not that high.

That’s 24.7 pounds more than my ideal weight. But, I don’t even want to stop there. I want to lose 28 pounds. And, I will not rest until I see it happen.

I started Weight Watchers in June of 2006 when I was at a low point…or should I say heaviest point? And, for SIX YEARS running I was awesome with the program. But, the last two and a half years (or so) have been bad news. And, that’s long enough. Now, I am motivated to get back to where I was before the summer of 2013.

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