That’s Three In A Row (For The Fat Man)

Yesterday was an off-day. Today, it was beautiful out except for a somewhat decent breeze in spots. So, after breakfast, I went for a 5K run.

This is the 3rd time in a row I was able to cover the 3.1 miles without breaking down. It was hard. And, I had to play mind games with myself to occupy my thoughts. Also, my left knee was somewhat sore. But, I ran it in 29 minutes and 9 seconds – which is my best time since being able to run again without stopping.

It’s all good. And, I am looking forward to the next run before it starts to count on Monday.

Now, the bad news. I got on the scale before the run and it read 190 pounds. That’s TERRIBLE – and it explains why my clothes are so tight! I have no one to blame there but myself. Too much pizza. Too much fast food. Too many cookies. Too many sweets in general. I need to get that down by 15 pounds over the next 8 weeks – which means I need to do better with my food choices and portions.

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