If I Could Run 600 Miles

It’s been forever since I have been running. And, it’s been longer than that since I was running well.

Every time I see someone running, I feel terrible. I want to be running again.

Last night, I came up with a plan for a goal. I want to start running again on Memorial Day weekend. And, I want to run each week as time, health and other conditions allow – and I want to run a total of 600 miles between Memorial Day 2015 and Memorial Day 2016.

That would be running a 5K three or four times a week, thereabouts, on average. And, while that’s not easy, it’s not impossible either – if one is dedicated.

This is something that I really need to do – for my health, both physical and mental. I think I will feel better in a million ways, from my waist to my self-esteem, if I can get focused and attack this plan.

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