Returing To Weight Watchers

Well, it took ten months.  But, I have returned to Weight Watchers.

It’s more money that I wanted to spend – with the membership, eTools, etc.  And, I let them talk me into using an ActiveLink app too.  But, if it can get me back to the 170′s, it’s worth it.

I had to make the return.  With the holidays coming, I didn’t want to start 2015 weighing 200 pounds – and, that’s the direction this thing was headed.  As it is, I’m at 192.8 when I returned to Weight Watchers last night.  That’s twenty pounds more than my ideal weight.

I’m going to be realistic about it.  My ultimate goal is to be at 174 pounds by the end of February 2015.  If I can make that happen, by being on Weight Watchers, paying for it, tracking, etc., then it’s all worth it.

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