My 15th “5K” Race (Ever)

I did it again.  This is the 4th 5K race in a row – although my first race in 11 months – where I could not run the whole thing.  Towards the end of this one, I want to say it was around 2 miles in, thereabouts, I broke down into a walk.  Then I ran a little, walked some more, and ran the end of it.


My total time for the race was 26:12 (on the chip).   Of the 341 runners in the race, I finished 130th.  And, I was 81st of the 148 men running. Lastly, I was 13 out of 28 for my gender/age group (Men, 50 to 59).

I would have been happy if I had run the whole thing.  I just wasn’t mentally tough enough or smart enough to control my pace – to get it done.

I also would have been happy if my time was 25:45 (as that’s pretty much what I would do in a race that wasn’t super easy).

Funny, I only missed that time by 27 seconds.  But, I cannot be happy with it because of the walking thing.  A lot of people that I know saw me walking.  It’s humiliating.

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