Workout – 10/15/14

The forecasted super-soaker rain has yet to appear here today.  So, I went for a 5K run after breakfast.  And, I attempted my “hardest” route again – even though I failed at it yesterday and it is super humid this morning. (More humid than yesterday.)

Sadly, I hit the wall again.  This time it was at 2.65 miles.  And, my total time for the 3.1 miles was 27 minutes and 34 seconds.

I will say this – man, did I sweat today!  Monstrous lather of sweat.  It was like I was swimming in it.  Must be the hill and the humidity.

I may take the next two days off and just attempt the race on Saturday and see what happens.  If anything, and I do run tomorrow, I am not taking the hardest route.  I still need to work on that one, obviously.

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