This morning I got on the scale, buck naked.  And, it read 189.7 pounds.

I want to say “How did this happen?”  But, I know the answer:  Too many nuts, chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, bread, french fries, pizza and red meat.  And, not enough fruits and vegetables.

How’s that for simple?

I was really fat in 2006 and that led me to Weight Watchers.  Then, I lost it all by January 2007 and basically kept it off for SIX YEARS.  But, in February of 2013, I started working from home on a full-time basis.  And, that’s when the snacking started.

The last time I weighed what I wanted to weigh was probably March of 2013 when I was 172 pounds.    It really got bad in the summer of 2013 when my family went to Disney and I packed on some pounds there.  By the end of 2013, I was closer to 185 pounds.  And, it seemed like most of this year the number has been around 184 – until now where it’s pushing up against 190 pounds.

Bottom line, I need to lose 17 pounds.  And, I know how to do it.  Now, it’s just a matter of eating less crap, cutting out the mindless snacking, and making better food choices.

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