My 14th “5K” Race (Ever)

I ran a very hard 5K race today. It’s full of hills. This is the 3rd time I have run this race. And, I failed.

Twice, I had to break down into a walk. I was simply going too fast. And, it doesn’t help that I am carrying around at least 10 pounds of fat that I need to lose.

Overall, I did the race in 25 minutes and 57 seconds. Of the 293 runners in the race, I finished 59th. And, I was 41st of the 124 men running. Lastly, I was 7 out of 24 for my gender/age group (Men, 50 to 59).

Given my normal running time and the difficulty of the race, I should be happy with the overall time. But, I cannot stand the fact that I ran another race where I broke down into a walk. It’s very embarrassing.

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