Workout – 8/8/13

I went for another run this morning.

I got further than yesterday. But, I still could not run a 5K without stopping. Today, I went 1.67 miles in 14 minutes and 11 seconds before my will to go on fell through the floor.

That’s the same 8.5 minute pace that I had yesterday. But, today, I went a third of a mile further before stopping.

After I stopped, I walked for a bit to get my breath and then I did a run/walk/run thing the way home. That was 8/10th of a mile at 7 minutes and 37 seconds. That’s a 9.5 minute pace which is fast than I did yesterday too (on the second effort run).

For what it’s worth, it was humid as hell out there this morning and I worked up a major sweat.

At this pace, my goal is just to go further and further each time out, without stopping, until I can run a 5K distance two times in a row without stopping. Next target: Going two miles without stopping.

This is workout #42 for 2013.

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