My 10th “5K” Race (Ever)

My worst race ever. I hit the wall about 2 miles in and then had to walk/jog the rest of the way. How embarrassing! My time, per my Forerunner was 28:01. Ugh.

It was really hot out there and I just ran out of gas. But, I also lacked the mental toughness to keep my feet moving and not break down into a walk.

Per the unofficial results: There were 1,067 runners in the race – and I finished 245th overall. Also per the results, I finished 163rd out of the 450 men running the race. And, lastly, I finished 12th out of the 33 men who ran the race between the ages of 50 and 54.

It was a very big race.  And, finishing in the top 23% is no shame. But, I could have done a lot better.

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