Crying Uncle & Giving Up On Exercise

What a mess.

I haven’t been to the gym since February 27th. That’s 33 days. And, I haven’t run since March 9th. That’s 23 days.

Granted, I had a killer stomach flu on March 12th. And, while the worst of that was for the week that followed, I was not feeling “right” from that until March 27th.

During those two weeks, I did some “stuff” – like baseball workouts with my son and practices with our Little League team. (I’m the manager.) And, I also started ripping up some carpet in my home – which has been murder on my legs (especially my knees). But, for the most part, I was a couch potato during those 15 days.

On March 28th, I started to feel like me again – and, then, I made a mistake. I went to my son’s travel baseball practice and volunteered to run the bases while the coach was putting the team through some practice on defense. I got out there, cold, with the benefit of stretching or warming up. And, the turf was loose sand and I was wearing sneakers (and not cleats). Of course, I started sprinting from the start and I really felt it in my left hamstring. It hurt – really bad.

I have been resting it since that time – but still did some work in the house on the carpet. (It’s a lot and I have been doing it in sections.)  And, my legs have been super sore.

Today, I hit my limit. I had to get out there and try something. So, at 5:30 PM, after work, I decided to go for a 5K run. My legs were still sore. But, my hamstring felt better.

I lasted all of five steps. As soon as I started to take off on my run, it felt like someone shot me in the left leg. The best I could do was a very slow jog with a terrible limp. And, after one-tenth of a mile doing that, I threw in the towel.

At this point, I am defeated. I am a total failure in terms of exercise. And, I don’t know when that is going to change.

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