Race Failure

Well, I ran my race today – sorta/kinda.  This is the worst I have ever done in a race – and it is embarrassing.

It was windy out there – very, very, windy.

The race was a “3 mile” there and back.  (I say “3 mile” in quotes since my Forerunner actually had it at 3.13 miles – which is a 5K in my book.)  I did good going “there.”  But, as soon as I made the turn to come “back” the wind slammed me in the face.  And, I never do good running into the wind.

I found a really big (tall and wide) guy and I ran behind him for a while to cut the wind.  But, he was going too slow and eventually I had to get round him and expose myself.

At the 2.65 mile mark, I lost my breath and I had to break it down into a walk.  And, I have never done that before in a race.  After a tenth-mile, I started running again.  But, two-tenths of a mile later I had to walk again.  I was gassed.  Nonetheless, I sucked it up and ran across the finish line.

My total time for the 3.13 miles was 26 minutes and 13 seconds by my timing.  (I still need to see what the official time is once that is released.)

When I got back to my car, I went into a coughing fit – clearly my cold telling me that we’re not done.

At the least, there were a lot of people finishing behind me.  And, this is workout This is workout #28 for 2013.

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