Workout – 2/20/13

I went for a run today at 8:30 AM before starting my workday from home. I totally under-estimated the weather. It was 30° F with a RealFeel® temp of 12° F (and 26 MPH winds). I thought it was sunny, thirty, with no wind.

I started out running into the wind. About six-tenths of a mile into it, I couldn’t go any more. The wind was too much. From that point, I did alternating walking and running.

In total, I covered 3.13 miles in 28 minutes and 20 seconds. And, that’s a 9:00 pace which is pathetic for me.

Yesterday, I signed up for a local 5K race that’s 17 days from now. That gives me two weeks to get my act into gear.

This is workout #23 for 2013.  That’s about 8 behind the pace I expected for myself.  I need to pick up the pace here as well.

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