How Sad – Looking Forward To Monday On Friday

I never got to workout yesterday.  I had a busy day at work.  After work, I had to pick my 8-year old son up at his travel team baseball indoor practice.  And, since his sister had an after-school activity (which my wife also had to attend), I could not leave him home alone.  By the time we were all together at home again, it was 8:30 PM and I was fried.  (Too much stress at work and too much running around.)

Today, we are having a winter storm.  It’s not expected to end until tomorrow.  They are saying we can have as much as a foot of snow.  Doubtful that I will get to the gym today or tomorrow.  And, on Sunday, my son has a Little League draft assessment that we need to attend – and then we have family plans.  At this rate, I may not get another workout done until Monday – sans the workout I get on Saturday from snow shoveling.

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