6th Anniversary Of Making Lifetime At Weight Watchers

Six years ago, today, after being on the program for seven months, I reached “lifetime” status with Weight Watchers.  And, over all this time, I have consistently maintained that status.

On January 31, 2007, I weighed 174.8 pounds (which was way down from the 232.4 pounds I weighed when I started Weight Watchers on June 21, 2006).

Today, I weigh about 178 pounds. But, that’s OK – since I am still at my goal weight.

The strange part of this whole thing is that I am not excited about this anniversary. I can remember being really jazzed about reaching one year. And, also looking forward to the anniversaries that closely followed. But, now, it’s sort of “O.K., that’s nice” (and that’s it).

I still think about my weight everyday. And, I still try and make good food choices and use portion control on every meal. Also, I still track my food – for the last 344 weeks in a row!

I suppose now, I just expect to maintain my weight. And, now, it’s not as big a deal when I pass a milepost and the numbers are where they should be…

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