Workout – 1/25/13

With my neck/shoulder injury, I didn’t workout on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  I have been taking Naproxen Sodium every night and using the heating pad on it.  And, it’s getting better everyday.  At this point, I would say it’s 80% normal – and a lot better than it was on Monday and Tuesday where I wanted to shoot myself because of the constant pain.

Feeling better and it being a long time since I have done anything active.  I elected to go for a run this morning before starting my workday from home.  How did it go?  Well, this is what I posted to my Facebook page when I got home:

I went outside at 8 AM today and worked up a big sweat- even if it was 12° F with a  RealFeel® of 1° F when I hit the streets.  How?   Under Armour and running a 5K distance in 24:55.  After a couple of miles, I was toasty warm.  Thank you Under Armour!

For me, that’s a good pace.  And, considering my recent issues with running, just going 3.1 miles without stopping is a big deal.  Oh, and, yes, I did it in the freezing cold!  Now, I just need to get my rear end into the gym tomorrow.

This is workout #13 for 2013 and it’s a great one.

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