My Aching Neck & Shoulder!

My rear neck and right shoulder are still a mess.  In fact, today, it hurts worse than it did in the two days prior.  It’s screaming right now.

On Sunday, I tried Tylenol and Schreiner’s Herbal Solution. No luck there.

Last night, I tried doping up with Naproxen Sodium and that had no effect other than putting me to sleep.

Tonight, we’re going to try Zheng Gu Shui with the heating pad. And, I am praying that it works. I cannot stand this pain any longer.

As far as working out, this has me on the sidelines right now. I cannot lift weights at the gym with this – I can barely handle just walking around with it. And, since the windchill outside now is like ten degrees, it’s probably not the smartest idea to be outside with this type of situation.

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