Two Day Workout Drought

Yesterday, I had an early start to work.  That killed any chance for a morning run.  And, then, right after work, I had to pick up my 8-year old son from his indoor travel baseball practice.

My wife and daughter were out.  So, I could not leave him home alone.  And, they did not get home until after 8 PM.  By then, it was too late, cold and dark to go for a run.

Today, we had some family business in the morning.  And, then the workday (from home) began.  After work today, I have to take my son to a private baseball lesson at one of the indoor training sessions here.  After that, we’re meeting up with my wife and daughter at the diner.  Thus, this evening will be a repeat of last night – actually worse, since it’s a lot colder out today – and there will be no run today.

I really need to get a run in this weekend – along with a trip to the gym.

But, my son’s schedule will come into play again.

On Saturday, he has travel basketball practice from 10:30 AM to 12 noon.  And, then, at 2 PM, he has a “rec league” basketball game.

On Sunday, at 6:30 AM – yes, six-thirty-am! – he has another indoor travel baseball practice.  And, then, at 9:15 AM, he has a travel basketball game.

At least one of us is getting some great exercise these days…

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