Workout – 1/4/13

It was a long road getting to this one.

I took an off day, for rest, on Wednesday – after my run on Tuesday.  That was planned.  It was my first day back to work since December 20th and I knew it was going to be a bitch of a day requiring all of my attention and energy.

Thursday, yesterday, was a mess.  I started working at 5:30 AM because of issues that needed to be addressed.  And, at 5:30 PM, I needed to take my son to a basketball tournament that he was playing in – which lasted until 8 PM.  And, then, I had the kids at home since my wife had plans and didn’t get home until 9 PM.  So, there was no way to get a workout in with all that happening for me.

Today calls for more of the same.  Meetings all day at work.  And, my son has another game tonight.  So, the only way for me to get something done was early this morning – which I did…going to the gym before the sun came up at 7 AM.  While there, I did four sets each of the following:

  • Bench Press
  • Hammer Strength Rows
  • Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
  • Ab Coaster
  • Hammer Strength Leg Extensions
  • Icarian Leg Curls
  • Life Fitness Tricep Pressdown
  • Icarian Camber Curls

It was hard as I was trying to get it all done in time for me to get back home for my first conference call of the day.  (I’m on calls just about all day today from 9 AM to 5 PM.)  But, I got it done – even though I was stressed and tired.

This is workout #2 for 2013 and I’m feeling good about it.  Hopefully, now, I can get in a good run tomorrow.  (Thank the heavens that tomorrow is Saturday!)

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