Bleeping French Fries

For the first five years, or so, of my Weight Watchers journey, I never touched a french fry – for the most part.

Actually, the only time I ever ate french fries, like most Americans, was when eating out.  And, in the beginning of my Weight Watchers history, I would always swap out the french fries, when eating out, for something more healthy.

Why?  Fries are bad for you.  See this information via a quick google on the web:

French fries are an all American favorite snack and side dish because they taste good and very convenient to make. Most people think that because these fries are made out of potatoes, it’s totally safe to consume. However, these delicious fried strips can be deadly.

French fries contain a lot of bad fats and cholesterol because they’re deep fried in oil. Trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol can give you the risk of obesity and heart diseases. Fries contain a very high amount of carbohydrates which are technically good in moderation but in excessive consumption, can also lead to diabetes and cancer.

And because these crispy fried treats are salt-laden, they can do real damage to the body, increasing the risk of having high blood pressure which can lead to stroke, kidney disease and, again, heart diseases.

So before reaching for that fried strip, put these things in mind. French fries are generally safe as long as they are consumed in moderation, but when they are eaten excessively, it can pose dangerous health risks which can even lead you to your death.

Nonetheless, in the last couple of years, I have been eating french fries.  I guess you can say it was me being cocky or stupid – or maybe both.

Usually, I upgrade to sweet potato fries – but, that’s just a change in the potato and not in the process in which they are made, etc.

Worse, I never leave a fry on my plate.  And, often, when done with mine, I have some more by picking on those that my kids usually leave behind (from their meals).

It’s disgusting.  And, it’s time for it to stop.

From this day forward, I have a new rule – if I do opt to eat french fries, I have a limit of no more than ten fries in any given day.  And, hopefully, I will eat less than ten.  The goal here is to still allow myself a taste of them – and, to prevent me from pigging out on them (like I have been doing lately).

In general, I want to ingest less sugar, fat and salt – and, this is a huge head start in that direction.

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