Ending 2012 On A Fat Note

I jumped on the bedroom scale this morning and it read 180.8 pounds.  That’s horrifying and way too heavy for me.

It’s no secret what’s been going on here – I have been eating crappy and eating too much.  Plus, I have not be exercising as much as I should over the last week.

I need to get this under control.  It seems like my weight is creeping up each year:

2007 Avg. Wt: 167.8 lbs.
2008 Avg. Wt: 165.4 lbs.
2009 Avg. Wt: 170.4 lbs.
2010 Avg. Wt: 170.7 lbs.
2011 Avg. Wt: 172.3 lbs.
2012 Avg. Wt: 174.3 lbs.

As long as I am working out consistently, I want my weight to be closer to 172 pounds, on average.  And, to make that happen in 2013, I need to close some weight, fast, and keep it off.

Heck, at this point, I would probably do a dance just to see the scale read 175 pounds.

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