Workout – 12/29/12

The forecast is for snow and rain today. So, I got out for a run after breakfast before the bad weather arrived. It was cold – with the temps just above freezing. And, it sure felt damp. But, I got my butt out there this morning.  No excuses.

Sadly, like my last run, I hit the wall way too early. This time, it was at the 2.4 mile mark where I had to stop. From there, I did the alternating walking and running thing. From the breakdown point, I stopped 6 times and ran another 6 times – running an additional 2.6 miles in total to give me five miles of running today (alebit with six walking breaks). My total time for the 5 miles, not including the walking breaks, was 40 minutes and 42 seconds which is a pace of 8:08 – which means I was at least running at a good pace (for me). Below is my running route today where the breaks are my walking spans. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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