Setting An Exercise Goal For 2013

My goal for next year is a simple one – in terms of definition.  Achieving it will be a challenge – for me.

I want to “workout” 220 times in 2013.  By “workout,” it could mean a run, or a trip to the gym, or something else exercise-related that works my body to the point where I am pushing it (and trying to improve my condition).

To meet this goal, I will need to workout at least 19 times each month.  And, that will be my “sub-goal” (for lack of a better term).  This way, I will be consistent – and I won’t get myself into a situation where I need to workout everyday from May 25th until the end of the year to get in my 220 days (for the year).

Basically, it means working out at least 17 times every 28 days.  And, that doesn’t sound too hard, does it?  Eleven off days every four weeks sounds like a walk in the park.  Of course,  that’s easy to say now before work, family, injury or illness get in the way…

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