On The Edge Of One Week With No Exercise

Thursday night, I was a mess.  All the work stress of the week caught up with me and I was a puddle of a person by the end of the day.  So, I did not go for a run, as I hoped, after work.  I couldn’t even move.  I was totally tapped out.

Friday, the weather here was nuts – winds gusting at fifty to sixty miles per hour with the temps in the low thirties (and wind chills way below that mark).  Plus, my wife was not feeling well and really needed my attention.  Ditto, word for word, on Saturday.  So, no chance to go for a run there either.

Today, we’re getting ready for our big Xmas Eve party.  There’s tons to do and I am involved in most of it.  It would be a Christmas miracle if I got out for a run today.

And, Monday is Xmas Eve and Tuesday is Christmas.  The odds of getting a run in those days are…well…zero.

And, that would make it 6 days in a row with no gym time or running. 

I feel myself turning into jello already…

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