December Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Yesterday, I was very sore – especially in my arms and legs. Today, I still have tight legs.

This is interesting. Usually, I am not this sore.

Maybe my December is catching up to me? Here’s my workouts, so far, this month:

December 1st: Gym, Total Body
December 2nd: 4.5 mile Run
December 3rd: Off Day
December 4th: Off Day
December 5th: Gym, Total Body
December 6th: 5K Run
December 7th: Gym, Total Body
December 8th: Off Day
December 9th: Off Day
December 10th: Gym, Total Body
December 11th: 3.5 mile Run
December 12th: Gym, Total Body
December 13th: 5K Run
December 14th: Off Day
December 15th: 4.2 mile Combined Run
December 16th: Gym, Total Body
December 17th: Off Day

That’s a total of 11 days, out of the last 17, where I did some sort of workout.  That’s an average of 4.5 days per week – right about where it should be, in my opinion, for myself.

When you tack that on to what I did in November, I’ve been very good for the last seven weeks in terms of getting my exercise.  And, soreness aside, I feel it.  I’m stronger in the gym and my jeans feel better when I put them on – which is much better than where I was a month ago (on that matter).

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