Goals, Obstacles & Honesty

By just about every independent assessment I hear, I’m in good shape.  And, via the same sources, I’m in “great shape for someone my age” – although that speaks more towards the state of most people, today, by the time they reach age 50.

That all said, I truly believe that, if I were able to lose 5 pounds of pure fat, that I could be in incredible physical condition (for any age).

And, if you told me that I could get there by running 5 miles a day, everyday, for the next two weeks, I would do my best to make that happen.  Or, if you told me that I had to workout for 90 minutes a day for four weeks, I would put my head down and make a charge at that goal.

Then, why is it so hard for me to have less sugar, salt and fat in my diet?  Granted, I don’t have a lot of it – now.  But, it could always be less.  And, if that happened, it would go a long way towards having less fat on my body.

Every time I have one of those bites, licks or tastes of something that’s more sugar, salt or fat than I think is ideal, I rarely stop myself beforehand and think of those 5 pounds of fat.

I really need to do better with this…and I think it would be a good goal for 2013.

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