I Need To Lose Some Fat

One of the fitness centers in my community was offering a complimentary Body Fat Analysis and Fitness Strategy Session – in order to get you in there for a sales pitch. So, I decided to give it a try this evening.

First, they gave me a Functional Movement Screening. There, I got a two or better across the board. So, that was not a terrible result. And, given my age, they thought it was pretty good – compared to what they normally see from someone who is fifty.

For the Body Fat Test, they used a Bioelectric Impedence Analysis set-up where they hooked it up to my right hand and foot.

It was not pretty – the result was 16.6 %.

It would be easy to try and dismiss this result saying that impedance measures are affected by body hydration status, body temperature, time of day, etc. But, the result is too close to the last measure I had in this department – which was 14.7 % (back in October).

I don’t want to see a number like 15 % or 16 % for my body fat percentage. I want to see it closer to 13 %. So, I need to lose some body fat. And, it would help if I lost some weight, overall.

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