Down In The Dumps & A Mess

In about 113 hours, I will wake up as a 50-year old for the first time.

Actually, part of me was looking forward to it.  But, today, I am in a much different place.

I am stressed out over some recent developments at work and home.  And, today, I am just very tired and super-depressed.  Also, I feel fat – like I am busting out of my pants.  All told, I am down in the dumps and a mess.

I was planning on going to  the gym this morning before work.  But, at that critical point of “go now or don’t have enough time to go,” I threw in the towel and went back to bed for another 30 minutes.

My workday is going to end early today.  And, I suppose that I could go to the gym this afternoon or evening.  Yet, I have no drive to get myself there and have a workout.

All I want to do is pig out and be lazy today.  Falling asleep in front of the TV sounds like a great goal, to me, right now.

Why am I like this?

I haven’t had a diet coke since Monday.  Is this some sort of withdrawal?  Or, is it the stress from work (which is really bad now) and home (which just picked a bad time to start up this week) just wearing me down?  Perhaps I am just coming down with something?  (My eyes are burning – like they do when you are sick.)  Maybe it’s some combination of things?

I just know that I need to get my act together – and fast.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Too many chances to overeat there.  And, Friday will be a stress day followed by a visit to family afterwards.  After that, on Saturday, we have plans for the day which could be stressful.  Lastly, on Sunday, I have my 5K race – and it’s supposed to be very cold and somewhat windy.

This is no time for me to be a state of mind like this now…

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